Hanter Savet



Vindland – Hanter Savet

RELEASE DATE April, 2016 (re Issue)

Track – List
01 Orin Kozh 04:32
02 Treuzwelus 06:20
03 Serr-Noz 05:56
04 Pedenn Koll 04:39
05 Skleur Dallus 04:59
06 Morlusenn 04:58
07 Skorneg du 07:06
08 Skeud ar gwez 11:30
09 And the Battle Ended (Re-recorded 2015 version) 05:37









Hanter Savet is a very good example of how history, culture and aggressiveness always work really well when combined in music and arts in general.

4,5/5  – theheadbangingmoose


Vindland builds an stunning obscure atmosphere. All instruments together make marvelous sound. But still something is missing. The band forget about some kind of music taste, which can make that the album is unique.
Nevertheless this album has a lot of advantages. The biggest one is that Vindland don’t forget that music should be emotional and not only developed technically. This feature is more and more rare in the modern world. “Hanter savet” is almost one hour of great music, that will be in your mind and heart for a very long time. That is  more  than a good album.   –  7,5/10 


Every track is simply gorgeous; after a ferociously melodic little opening,”Serr-Noz” has a delicate little tinkling ambient segue, there’s the more somber mood an gait of “Skleur Dallus” and “Morlussen”, or more traditional frosty blast of “Pedenn Koll”, “Skorneg Du” has a killer little trot at 3:30 or so. All vaguely similar, but still amazing. The album ends with a re-recorded version of “And the Battle Ended” from the band’s 2009 EP Ancestors Age, and its equally as glorious as all the other tracks cementing the album’s epic, melodic, rousing duration with a harmonic cantering clarion and it place on my 2016 year end list.