Defiatory – Extinct 2016

Released June 3

Track – List
01. The Final Conflict
02. Reaper
03. Aeons End
04. Dogs of War
05. Extinct
06. Destiny
07. The Black Vortex
08. Furor Unleashed








With memorable songs, a heavy production and a singer that knows his business, Extinct will hopefully not live up to its name; hopefully we will hear a lot more from Defiatory in the future as this is definitely one of the better and more enjoyable thrash metal albums I’ve heard of late. And due to the amount of good thrash I’ve heard in 2016 already, that’s saying something.

Very highly recommended. – wonderboxmetal


In the end, I believe this album will please just about any thrash fan. Thrash not being a strong suit of mine, I probably would have enjoyed the album a lot more. I can see Defiatory have a lot of potential in them and perhaps they’ll switch it up with variation on their next release. That’s just personal preference but if not, the group still has a lot of energy and can still make heads turn by keeping things the way they are. Normally when we think of Sweden and metal, we think of the Gothenburg scene or typical Swedish metal in general, but thrash usually does not come to mind. Perhaps with this release, things are about to change…. Stay Metal \m/

Extinct: 7/10 – WeLoveMetal



In all Extinct is confident in its execution and that shows with well-developed hooks and riffs pulled right from the bay area in its prime and thereafter. This is thrash created for beer drinking and head banging till it hurts, what more could you want really? – deadrhetoric