Antologi MMXV



Murdryck – Antologi MMXV

Released March 31, 2016 (CD Version)

Track – List
01 Intro – The Sombre Angel (free)
02:00 02 As the Moon Bleeds… 04:15
03 The Ascension 04:17 04
04 Swallowed by the Ages 05:16
05 Slaves Under a Dying Sun 05:07
06 Metamorphosis 05:07
07 Blood on the King’s Hands 04:55
08 HymnensSvarta Toner 05:36
09 Under Torn Constellations 05:40
10 Throne of Shattered Divinity 07:05











All in all, this was a pretty cool offering. So if you find yourself craving some pitch-Black Metal with a melodic undercurrent and a grim atmosphere, look no further than MURDRYCK. Digital copies of this album are available through BANDCAMP, but if you find yourself wanting a physical copy – although those tend to sell out pretty quickly – they can still be purchased at store




‘Antologi MMXV’ should have a definite appeal to fans of Dissection, Sacramentum, Vinterland, Black Horizons or Alghazanth. Vocally this release is good but where it truly comes into its own is with the superb guitar work that runs throughout. – Metaltalk